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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

What I get from the show about Walt's feeling for Hank is that Walt both despises and resents him. Learning to fear Hank will be difficult given his massive ego, but he's not that stupid. It'll come, eventually. I think the only thing that kept him from sitting on his hands when it came to Gus putting a hit on Hank was his belief that Skylar would blame him. Now that he's got something on Skylar (embezzlement, assault on Beneke, terror) he won't wait long. The only thing holding him back will be a little worry that hurting Marie that much might drive Skylar to leave.

All sexual relations between Skylar and Walt now have an element of force by initimidation, i.e., of rape. But Skylar being another crook, as well as an adulteress, has permanently removed her from any pedestal. He can live with her reluctance.
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