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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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Personally I derive great enjoyment from the cohesive, unified "extended universe" TrekLit paints today and have no interest in yet another new timeline.
I prefer the stand alone books to those that are part of the "extended universe". Rather than being "extended" I find that it leads to more "small universe syndrome" with character crossovers happening way too often. For these people to meet so often the Federation must be a very small place indeed.

TNG and DS9 crossed over twice, once in the first episode for what was essentially a cameo for Picard and once in a later two part episode where the crossover was part of the first episode only, making it feel like something tacked onto the Worf story to pad it out to two hours.

Space is big. Really, REALLY big. Once Riker headed off on the Titan it would be likely that he'd never see Picard in person again. Having them meet up in the big cross series crossovers make it feel like he's gone around the corner rather than to an unexplored part of the galaxy.

Trek lit these days loos in large part like the comics of today. Big crossovers with the time between either being set-up or aftermath with a couple of unrelated stories in the mix.

Let's have more stories like Crucible. Self contained and not relying on any other books for background.

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