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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

51. The Dark Knight Rises: A-
52. Sicko: C
53. Capitalism A Love Story: C
54. Seven Pounds: B
55. Hot Fuzz: B

I moved this one up the Netflix queue after Ant-Man got the greenlight. I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead and was not impressed with Scott Pilgrim so I felt it time to see Hot Fuzz. Tip the scales one way or the other on him.

Scales are tipped in a favorable way as I did enjoy this film. Simon Pegg is also fun to watch in the role. Some of the transition edits are a bit much for me but overall I found this to be a well written film. Timothy Dalton as one of the leading contingent of bad guys and glorified cameo's by the London chief played by Bill Nighy were icing on the cake in the casting department.
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