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Dorian Thompson
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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

They were going to kill off Jesse??? Really?? I had no idea. Oh, it is sooo much better for having kept him. I can't imagine Walter in his conflict with Gus all by himself.

I love character driven shows; for all of its action BB is soooo character driven. That's why I couldn't stop watching. Jesse is like Walt's very last, veeeeery tenuous tie to humanity. He seemed sincerely stricken when Jesse and he had their knock down drag out fight and Jesse was taken to Mexico to teach the cartel how to cook. His drunkenly calling Walt Jr. "Jesse" after he'd been beaten up was telling....but then he does what he does to poison little Brock to get Jesse to turn against Gustavo for good. I wanted to kill Walt for that. Him terrorizing Skyler now is bad enough.

I also loved the recent scene when Mike called Walt a ticking time bomb and told Jesse that he felt bad that he couldn't see it. Everyone sees Walt for what he is now except Jesse. I love it that Mike the hit man likes Jesse. Only on a show like this could that be believable. Such superb actors one and all.

Then there's Hank. How far will Walt go now to stop him?

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