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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Not bad. The Fry-Leela stuff was rather sweet, especially the ending.

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Not as gross as anticipated. It was okay. Had its moments, but I suspect many of us will be annoyed by the mispronounciation of "neanderthal".
I'm not bothered by this. Some words are bound to be mangled after a 1000 years.
It's nowhere near that old. The term was coined in 1864 after a variant spelling of Neandertal, the German name for the Neander Valley where their remains were first identified. And the "-thal" spelling was an archaic variant even at the time. It's always been pronounced "-tal" for as long as it's been used as a name for that subspecies.

I was more bothered by the outdated assumptions about Neanderthals here. It's now believed that they were a lot smarter and more sophisticated than we used to think, perhaps on a par with us or even more so in certain ways. And genetic studies have proven that they did interbreed with us -- indeed, it's possible they never really died out, just blended so thoroughly with H. sapiens that they merged into a single population.

Also it seemed odd that these Neanderthals who'd been cut off from human civilization for 30,000 years spoke English.
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