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Re: Breaking Bad - Season 5

Yeah, I've watched the whole series in a period of two weeks; Aaron Paul is a revelation times ten. I had no idea how brilliant he is as an actor. I never expected to feel so much sympathy for Jesse when it started. The character breaks my heart because he isn't a naturally violent person. He's so malleable that you wonder where he could have gone in life with a strong male role model who gave a shit about him. When he kept the junkies at his place and wouldn't turn off his stereo equipment because he was that tormented by his thoughts about Gale that he couldn't stand the silence he was like some lost child--I was startled by how much compassion I felt for someone who could shoot someone dead. He only did it for Walt. He's so easily led. That's why I think Jesse will be the one to finally turn on Walt and do him in when he's forced to face the truth about him.

Now I get it when people rail that Cranston isn't getting his due, or that the show isn't getting its proper due. Cranston and Paul have both won emmys for their acting on the show, haven't they? Cranston sure flipped on the full evil switch this season. Once he killed Gus, Walt as we knew him was gone. I was crushed when I saw the Lily of the Valley plant. How did he get the berries to little Brock anyway? I'll never look at Malcolm and the Middle reruns the same way again.

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