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Re: Digital noise - video

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Technical picture
One technical deficit “Next Generation” has to “Original Series” is there is some digital noise flaring up. Many shots are totally clear in the high definition way I was describing above. Unfortunately, a lot of scenes on the bridge of the Enterprise are peppered with white spots.

Blu-ray aficionados are familiar with this. Sometimes in holding the picture together for 1080p, it creates a haze of white specs. It means they couldn’t create a 100% perfect picture, but you still get the sharpness, colors and detail of high definition with a few flaws. Oddly, the HD trailer doesn’t have those flaws in comparable shots. Only the actual episodes.

From their review which was not mentioned in any other review. This is a very technical video critique.
I think it wasn't mentioned in any other reviews because he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Another gem from him:
You can totally tell when they used CGI to recreate effects that couldn’t be restored. It looks great but I wonder if an upconvert might have been more authentic since it’s so obvious these are new shots.
I think most people can see from the comparisons that an upconvert would look like crap. I wonder if he could really "totally tell" what shots are CG if he hadn't read about it before online.
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