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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Here are the genre movies for the month... only a few outside Tarzan due to the Summer Under the Stars format.

Friday 8/3 Johnny Weissmuller
6:00 AM Tarzan and the Mermaids (’48)
7:30 AM Tarzan and the Huntress (’47)
9:00 AM Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (’46)
10:15 AM Tarzan and the Amazons (’45)
11:45 AM Tarzan’s Desert Mystery (’43)
1:00 PM Tarzan Triumphs (’43)
2:30 PM Tarzan’s New York Adventure (’42)
3:45 PM Tarzan’s Secret Treasure (’41)
5:15 PM Tarzan Finds a Son! (’39)
6:45 PM Tarzan: Silver Screen King of the Jungle (’04)
8:00 PM Tarzan, the Ape Man (’32)
10:00 PM Tarzan and His Mate (’34)
12:00 AM Tarzan Escapes (’36)
1:45 AM Jungle Jim (’48)
3:00 AM The Lost Tribe (’49)
4:30 AM Pygmy Island (’50)

Sunday 8/5 Claude Rains
6:45 PM The Wolf Man (’41)
8:00 PM The Invisible Man (’33)
2:15 AM The Adventures of Robin Hood (’38)

Friday 8/10 Lionel Barrymore
7:15 AM The Devil Doll (’36)

Saturday 8/11 James Mason
5:30 PM Journey to the Center of the Earth (’59)

Friday 8/31 James Caan
8:00 PM Rollerball (’75)

...and as a side note, they're doing Ava Gardner and Ingrid Bergman back to back on the 28th and 29th. I'm gonna need smelling salts.
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