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If you deem this suitable of further discussion, I would be happy to engage in a separate thread, so as not to drag this one any further off course.

That is your best comment so far.
Hey now, was that necessary?

Threads, especially long-running threads, meander from time to time. I do apologize for contributing to the sidebar, since it has clearly bent a couple of noses out of shape. But I freely admit that I wish the discussion would expand beyond the woman's breasts a little more often.

Hugh Mann, if you're still interested in starting that thread about gender, feel free to start it here in the ENT forum if you keep it focused on Enterprise. Otherwise, it might be a better fit in General Trek.

As for stories about the shows... after 40+ years, stories will change a little, interpretations will differ a little. Or a lot -- I hear certain members of the TOS cast have very different memories about a few things. I enjoy the stories all the same-- sometimes even more when I hear different people's takes on what happened way back when nobody had a clue that Trek would endure past 1969. I hope you find a copy of Inside Star Trek, or any of Gerrold's Trek books - they're all a lot of fun to read.

Now, perhaps a few more pictures? Surak already posted my favorite shot from "Impulse." Here are a few from "Similitude."

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