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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I don't remember that Dr. Strange movie, though. I wonder if it is on DVD>
Sadly, the Dr. Strange pilot aired opposite ROOTS--and went largely unnoticed. Don't know if it's available on DVD.
Roots was on in 1977, the Dr. Strange movie came out in 1978 and it was released on tape.
Dr. Strange was broadcast on CBS on Wednesday, September 6, 1978 [,].

Roots was rerun in prime time in September 1978 [].

At this point, I haven't found the exact date of the Roots rebroadcast, but it certainly seems plausible that Greg Cox is correct. However, I know for a fact that Dr. Strange was broadcast on TV in 1978, because that's the only time I ever saw it.
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