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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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That makes Bad Robot look like control freaks and that seems inefficient.
To me it rather feels like they're dedicated to making sure the launch of this new part of the franchise is done correctly, meaning in such a way that their strategy for its success comes to fruition. Now, I may not necessarily agree on the direction they're taking things into (for the record, my stance on the 2009 film is a cautiously optimistic ambivalence; a lot rides on the next one for me), but I don't really doubt their motives and appreciation of the property.

OTOH, there is of course value in allowing a broader set of people to do Star Trek, to serve a broader audience and to avoid putting all eggs in one basket. But then that's very much what we have right now with the multiple timelines. Certainly given the latest round of 24th century prime timeline novels one can hardly complain that they're not allowed to take bold steps.
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