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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

Ashmore didn't even get a main credit.

Claudia does something that she planned to do before Artie used the artifact but this is apparently supposed to be the evil using the artifact caused? This seems self-contradictory but obviously I don't understand the plot. The reconciliation I can come up with is Janeway reviving Jinksy is the real downside of the artifact. Since Jinks isn't going to be a regular character, I don't understand what bringing him back is supposed to accomplish. Unless he nobly sacrifices himself again to save Claudia and Artie as some sort of substitute, so that the warehouse doesn't have to be returned to ruin.

H.G. is on hiatus while Jaime Murray hunts for a regular income. I thought Aaron Ashmore was becoming a semi-regular on Lost Girl.
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