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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

Hometown Glory:


I was confused by what Angela knew and didn't know about the father of Lydia's baby up until the part where she went ballistic.

Guess she didn't know.

At least Mama Rizzoli didn't try to off her 2 kids & 1 adopted kid because they were protecting her from the truth. I did like it when Angela protested that such protection made her feel less than adult.

I know we have to deal with the "grandchild vs child of my rat ex husband" story line quickly in a 15 (?) ep season, but I would have preferred more Frankie/Frost or Frankie/Jane interaction, showing how close he was to the dead man.

Did we find out why the manager was in the dead girl's room? Just to give her the bad news about Shane and the crack to off herself???

Did she off herself???

Do we care???

I guess i was confused about more than just Angela this week.

Looks like we get a break next week before the midseason finale.
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