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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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Christopher has said the delay of those novels is nothing to do with continuity concerns.
Christopher has also said that the authors were not given actual reasons for the novels to be shelved, or whether it was permanent or temporary. I believe I recall the editor (Margaret?) saying that Pocket was asked that they be set aside "for now", and Pocket complied. Or did I dream all that?
The two are not mutually exclusive. I don't know the exact reason why it was done, but I know enough to say it's probably not a matter of continuity, or at least, not solely that. Heck, if it were, they would've just asked us to rewrite them. By now they've done a bunch of YA novels and comic books that they don't consider a threat to the movie continuity. They've had plenty of time to get us to rewrite the novels by now if that were what it was about. So it doesn't even make sense as an explanation.

And I don't recall anyone explicitly saying that the books were set aside "for now." The initial statement said that Pocket would "hold off on telling new stories while JJ and his team continue to develop his vision" -- which some optimistically intepreted to mean "until they knew what the next movie would be about," but the actual statement is far more ambiguous. John Van Citters later elaborated, "That doesn’t mean we wont have stories taking place in this timeline," but he never said anything definite about these four books being released at a later date, beyond the ambiguous statement that they were "on hold." And Pocket has had stories in this timeline, the YA books.

So the statements that have been made are a lot more vague than you're implying. There's never been a promise made that these books would be published one day. It hasn't been completely, absolutely ruled out, no, but it's not guaranteed either.

Whether Bob Orci/Bad Robot was mostly concerned about continuity, or lack of direct control, or diluting the new franchise before the second film could better lay out the new direction, has not been explained.
Just as a point of clarification, Bob Orci isn't technically part of Bad Robot. BR is J. J. Abrams's production company, and Orci and Kurtzman formed their own separate production company, K/O Paper Products, in 2009. The two companies are production partners on the second Abramsverse movie.

So Orci may be the one who's adopted the task of overseeing continuity for all the tie-ins, but that doesn't mean he's the only or principal one who's making decisions about them on a larger scale (e. g. whether to publish them at all).

Perhaps the film's writers simply knew they'd be too busy to read four novel manuscripts while writing a new movie has not been laid out.
But they've been able to handle the comics and the YA novels. The movie script was finished long ago and principal photography is now over. That explanation doesn't hold water anymore.

I'm not sure anyone can say "nothing to do with continuity concerns" as an absolute.
We can't say as an absolute that President Lincoln wasn't killed by a Cyberdyne T-1000 impersonating John Wilkes Booth, but it would still be most unwise to believe he was. Asking for absolute certainty is an unrealistic standard. We assess the veracity of an idea based on its probability. Effectively nothing has zero probability, but lots of things have really, really low probability and should be recognized as bad ideas.

But you are asking for a "Myriad Universe" based on the new movie (ie. releasing the four shelved novels now) that won't necessarily agree with the next new movie.
No, that's not what KingDaniel was asking for at all. You need to go back and reread his post. As I understand it, he was asking for a separate new TOS-cast continuity, not based on either Prime or Abrams. Sort of like what The Children of Kings did.

I'm sure I recall Marco Palmieri saying that a "Myriad Universes" series was not something that would have been so readily approved decades ago.
But that's not what you said. You said it took MyrU decades to "become recognisable [and] marketable." Something can't take decades to become something if it hasn't existed for decades.

So really I think you're misusing that concept. Sure, it took decades to get the right climate for ideas like the MU and MyrU books to be conceived, but once that climate arrived, it only took a few years to get from the concept to the realization. And that climate allowing for coexisting timelines in Trek Lit already exists, so it doesn't make sense to say it would be necessary to wait decades before creating another one.
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