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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Christopher has said the delay of those novels is nothing to do with continuity concerns.
Christopher has also said that the authors were not given actual reasons for the novels to be shelved, or whether it was permanent or temporary. I believe I recall the editor (Margaret?) saying that Pocket was asked that they be set aside "for now", and Pocket complied. Or did I dream all that?

Whether Bob Orci/Bad Robot was mostly concerned about continuity, or lack of direct control, or diluting the new franchise before the second film could better lay out the new direction, has not been explained. Perhaps the film's writers simply knew they'd be too busy to read four novel manuscripts while writing a new movie has not been laid out.

I'm not sure anyone can say "nothing to do with continuity concerns" as an absolute.

My want for a Treklit TOS splinter timeline isn't even to do with the cancellation of the new movie books, altho NOT having them released and thus not already having two TOS-eras on the Trek lit shedule (for full length novels, at least) presents a perfect oppertunity.
It's way too early to splinter off a new timeline into even more, new, "Parallel" timeline. Yet.

TNG, DS9 and VOY have all continued on beyond the series' endings, and taken the characters in new directions.
Yes, after a solid seven years each of new stories.

They're open ended. TOS isn't.
But the new timeline is!

We know how it all ends
We don't know how this new timeline develops at all.

We know how it all ends, all there is is to fill in the gaps. And we're at the point where they're all packed solidly and we're getting the fourth or fifth "end of the 5YM story." Doing an ongoing TOS Myriad Universe can not only cash in on the current movies but give longtime lit fans something fresh and exciting with TOS characters.
But you are asking for a "Myriad Universe" based on the new movie (ie. releasing the four shelved novels now) that won't necessarily agree with the next new movie. And Bad Robot doesn't want that kind of story tie-in being published. For now.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I don't know what you mean. The general audience had no awareness of Myriad Universes until the first book came out. And the core fanbase who visited the boards were only aware of the project that became MyrU for about 3 years before it saw print.
I'm sure I recall Marco Palmieri saying that a "Myriad Universes" series was not something that would have been so readily approved decades ago. Previously, novels that set out a radical new timeline had to be reset by the end of that novel ("Killing Time", "Ishmael", "Home is the Hunter", "First Frontier", etc). The "Myriad Universes" spin off the concept from TNG's "Parallels" that many alternate storylines actually co-exist.
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