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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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It is however true that i have only read one post where someone was refered to as creating drama and stirring up trouble and whilst they may have been posting a legitimate complaint a fair portion of their lengthy post seemed to be just them venting their anger and nearly causing a serious argument with another poster so the comment about drama and trouble was not being flung about without reason or provocation.
Of course it was flung about without any reason or provocation, although I suppose that depends on your definition of provocation. As far as Joiner's concerned, asking a perfectly legitimate, albeit "difficult" question which you just know he doesn't want to/won't answer, mainly because he's a filthy, disreputable toerag, is deemed to be provocation.

If people were given answers to their questions on that poxy forum instead of being ignored or abused and called names, they wouldn't have to post lengthy diatribes that end up sticking a pin in Joiner's huge overblown ego.

And that's Mr Cynical Bear to you.

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