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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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The posts made by Jason Joiner are signed off as 'jason'. They're generally poorly written - I believe the chap may be dyslexic which would go someway to explaining their garbled nature - so not entirely his fault of course, and are indeed overly defensive and whiney IMO.
I think i know who you mean now the person who has showmasters as their forum title. Yes i do believe he is dyslexic its been mentioned by other forum users a few times and cited by them as a reason for misunderstandings as everytime he posts it has horrible grammer and such and does not always make much sense but then a mod will edit it and its meaning becomes clear. Whether his posts sound whiney and immature is obviously dependant upon personal interpretation. You think he sounds whiney and immature whilst i dont and clearly we will have to agree to disagree about that.

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There appears to have been some misunderstanding with regard to which ticket holders would be allowed into the Opening Ceremony/Captain's Talk. Someone was told by Media 10 that only ticket package holders would see all 5 captains together as the talk would not be sold separately to standard ticket holders. This clearly contradicted what had previously been stated on the forums. Now I can't see why someone would want to make this up and it appeared to be a genuine and serious concern. After all if standard ticket holders didn't have the option to buy a ticket to the main event what would be the point of all the advertising concerning the 5 captains

I understand you may not be bothered about these issues, but others clearly were and rightly so. All Jason/Showmasters needed to say was: "Sorry for giving out the wrong information. We understand your concerns - please be assured that standard ticket holders will be able to buy tickets for the Opening Ceremony etc." That's all that was needed, not a pointless attack on legitimate grumbles. People have a right to complain about things that involve monetary transactions without being branded troublemakers.
I did not say that it was wrong for people to voice legitimate complaints. If you interpreted my words that way then im sorry but it wasnt my intention to imply such.

It is however true that i have only read one post where someone was refered to as creating drama and stirring up trouble and whilst they may have been posting a legitimate complaint a fair portion of their lengthy post seemed to be just them venting their anger and nearly causing a serious argument with another poster so the comment about drama and trouble was not being flung about without reason or provocation.

My comments about what i want form the convention was merely an attempt to convey the idea that having low expectations to begin with means i wont suffer as much if any disappointment compared to those who have high expectations/lotsa money invested in the convention. Personally when it comes to the platinum/VIP packages i dont understand why any one would charge/pay such a high amount for a 3 day convention? The silver and gold passes seems reasonable and value for money but the others? It seems more like exploitation of fans and i dont see how any convention experience could live up to such a high entry price but if their willing to be exploited

Oh and thank you for all of the info about how busy or not busy the guests might be cynical bear
I really am terrible at predicting such things so your input is appreciated. As you could probably guess from the list its mainly Ds9 people im interested in though I do love the other actors especially Patrick Stewart. Im quite thankful that i already met Nana and Rene at that peterborough covnention so i dont have to worry about their autographs though i wouldnt mind an opportunity to meet them again they were both so nice
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