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Murdoch Mysteries...

I first came across these sporadically on CITY-TV at odd times (on the weekends I think). I was somewhat intrigued with the idea of a Columbo style police detective solving crimes in Victorian era Toronto. I found it had a quirky charm and kept me guessing as to who the perpetrator would be in the end. I had no idea the show had been on for a number of seasons already. And I also learned there had been three made-for-TV movies prior to the series. Sadly, I've also learned the show is in its fifth and final season despite being popular and award winning (something having to do with new station ownership). Shame.

Anyway I decided to take a chance and ordered the first season set on Blu-Ray. I'm glad I did! This isn't a really deep and awesome series, but it is wonderfully quirky and interesting. I love the Victorian setting and the depiction of the very earliest inklings of forensic science with which we are already so familiar with today. Detective Murdoch is something of a less eccentric Sherlock Holmes and similarly unassuming Columbo. Inspector Brakenreid is something more than a blowhard superior. Constable Crabtree is good for laugh, but he's not wooden between the ears. And Doctor Julia Ogden makes for an unusual and unlikely 19th century pathologist.

Character moments and development are on the mostly subtle side, but they're there. It's interesting to see these denizens of the 19th century deal with familiar issues in their own way from their Victorian era perspective.

I enjoyed all the first season episodes and I'm eager to get the remaining season sets. I like how I'm kept guessing about the perpetrator. And I like watching Murdoch unravel genuine puzzles.

Anyone else familiar with this?
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