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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Merlanthe wrote: View Post
Out of interest, and since im terrible at predicting which actors are most popular/likely to have huge queues, which of the following 6 actors do you guys think is likely to majorly busy and which ones would you expect to be less busy?

Avery Brookes
Marc Alaimo
Casey Biggs
Jeffrey Coombs
Robert O'Rielly
JG Hertzler

Obviously Brookes will be mega busy but i dont know about the others. I think someone mentioned Marc Alaimo not going to many uk conventions and Robert O'Rielly and Jeffrey Coombs have appeared on more than one trek show :S
Based purely on the last time he was here, I wouldn't expect Avery to be overly busy, although depends if there are any special 5 Captains prints on offer.

Marc Alaimo is a tricky one to predict. I have met him in the UK before, but he's mega rare, and people may also want him for non-Trek. For instance he was in Total Recall with Schwarzenegger. But then, as is the case with Avery, he's mainly a Niner (he was briefly in TNG) which was never the most popular of Trek shows, even if it was the best.

Casey and Jeff, as above really. Casey hasn't been over here for some years, but was very regular between 2001 and 2004 when I met him numerous times and we got to know each other. Jeff is moderately difficult to get here in person, but I wouldn't expect him to be busy.

Bob and JG have signed their lives away in the UK in the last 10 years, but are still usually always popular. If you've never met them before, they're a couple of characters to say the least.

I wouldn't expect any of the dealers room guests to be doing more than moderate trade.
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