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Hugh Mann
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Well, I was using a form of inductive reasoning, arguing a generalization from a specific example, which is a legitimate rhetorical tool/strategy. We don't actually (always) require a specific source that spells something out in big, bright, bold letters to decide that the thing in question is (probably) true.

But if I come across something that does spell it out I'll be sure to bump this thread and post it.

As far as T'Pol goes, I stand by my original comment that dressing her in a skin-tight catsuit and push-up bra runs contrary to the spirit of Trek, and that her character would've been better suited by having her wear a more conventional uniform. Sexing her up undermined her authority and legitimacy as a character by positioning her as a sex symbol first and an authority figure second, encouraging the viewer to treat her accordingly (and judging by some reactions in this thread, it worked).
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