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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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^^ Indeed, he's only missing Mass Effect........!
I love the ME series. I own a PS3, and I played 2 & 3. I loved 2, and 99% of three (except the ending). They're the best sci-fi video games I've ever played, and they're just awesome in general.
Then you might notice something very familiar feeling about Babylon 5. I know that when I first played ME1 I had just such a feeling...

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Bad acting on B5: I don't think there was any from the main cast, but some of the one-shot background characters could be just AWful! The one I specifically remember is the woman and her family in down-below when Franklin was on his walkabout. The one when the kid's ball rolls up to him. She was projecting and waving and overemoting like it was a freshman high school play. Gah!
Not that I necessarily disagree, but I've actually met (completely bonkers) people who act *exactly* like that.

Also, I think the bulk of the hammy guest actors are mostly only show up in season one. Or at least that's where the worst offenders are contained. For me the absolute nadir was that telepath girl in 'Legacies'. I swear, either the casting director had a concussion that week, or she must have been some studio big-wig's niece to land that part.

Not to pick on the poor girl, but I happened to be watching 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' a few week back and...well, you remember that bit where the bloke had become a driving instructor and the girl can't drive to save her life? That's her. Am I crazy or is that some of the strangest cry acting ever committed to film?

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