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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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What is going on with the controls on this game now? I just logged in after quite awhile away (real life always gets in my way) and loaded up the "War is Good for Business" mission. I'm heading towards the second anomoly and flew over top of it by accident. So I try to angle the ship to go DOWN so I can get to it, and it will only angle the ship down so far, then it just stops. So here I am flying circles around the anomaly, but can't get my ship to angle down so I can get to it.

Never had this problem before.
Not only has there always been a limit to the up/down angle, but it's a greater range now than it was at launch.
Well, it's not a greater range now then it was the last time I played.
Its probably something that got broken in a recent patch.

Personally I blame all the people who couldn't stop talking about how great it was to have a season with out any major bugs, they had to know they were tempting fate there.

Well hopefully this and the tailor bug will get fixed soon (and by soon I don't mean the Cryptic definition of the word).

On the bright side for me personally I finally sold my Tuffli freighter for 50,000,000 ECs and used the profits from the sell to buy 2 Mirror Universe Star Cruisers, a Mirror Vor'cha, and to totally deck out my main Fed and Klink characters with mark XI purple gear.
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