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^A nice theory, but I don't suspect it'd work well in practice. 1 in 4 American women have been sexually assaulted. If you're a comedian in a 50 seater room, of which half the audience are women, statistically you could expect at least 5 or 6 of your audience members to have been sexually assaulted in the past (and that's not including the men). So how exactly does one operate by a know your audience rule?
I think I mentioned before, I think that in a context like that you should let your audience know in advance what kind of material you'll be covering so they can exercise their own judgment about whether they want to be exposed to that kind of thing. As with most things, the key is not censorship but information. You want the artist to be free to choose what to express, and the audience to be free to choose whether to be exposed to it. That way nobody is deprived of choice.
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