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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Whilst I'm glad that some folks are still interested in and excited by this event, personally I'm not convinced. I think Admiral Bear makes some good points, however cynical the tone might be.

Have you read any of Jason Joiner's posts on the Showmasters forums? Their general content and the attitude they display is NOT reassuring in the slightest. Unprofessional, immature, whiney and petty are words that all spring to mind; he's usually blaming his potential customers for creating 'drama' and stirring up trouble.

Now this may or may not be the case of course (I don't think so, they're merely asking pertinent questions), but this is NOT the way to run a business IMO. The customer is always right - even when they're wrong. The problems don’t stop there though. There's not enough helpful customer service, not enough correct information (as opposed to vague guesses and poorly thought out answers), and far too much "stop asking us and just trust it works out" coming from Showmasters. This isn't very good considering the prices of some of the ticket packages. But maybe I'm just too negative?
I have been reading the forum but i dont know which poster is meant to be jason joiner. There are two mods there but neither has sounded immature, whiney or petty. If they have then it must have been in different threads to the ones i have read.

I have only seen one mod post where someone got referred to as creating drama and stirring up trouble and that seemed to be specifically aimed at a single individual who had been repeatedly posting the same lengthy worry about the possibility of what a ticket entitles you to being changed or that people with inferior tickets being able to upgrade their package and gain the same benefits for less money as those with superior tickets.

Quite honestly all i want out of this convention is the opportunity to attend and try to get 6 autographs from 6 actors in 7 hours. None of the talks or parties that has to be paid extra for really interests me and only one of the autographs i want is from a captain/main character the others are from supporting cast.

Since my wants/expectations are quite simple to begin with i doubt i will suffer much if any disappointment with how the convention is run.
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