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Overall Christopher, I can agree with the majority of that.

I think I gave off the wrong impression in one or two respects. I do respect the rights of people to have dissenting opinions. I'm also talking more about public figures in this case than privately. Obviously it would be inappropriate to pull out your list of offensive jokes at Thanksgiving or when giving your buddies wedding toast and claim you are being repressed if someone takes offense. Earlier in the thread someone mentioned the idea of "polite company" and it is a wise rule of thumb in private life. A public figure is different though, they don't control who overhears them and cannot as easily use the polite company rule. They can therefore either monitor everything they say or just say what they think and risk offense. self-censorship can be creative castration for some people.

You guys talk about knowing your audience, but in many cases artists like Tosh are being torn apart by media/advocacy groups and individuals who never even heard of the guy before this. People who clearly are not his audience.

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