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The climax of the interview with the Santorum spokesperson was enormously well done. I've actually had a conversation that went very closely along those lines not too long ago and it is pretty hard to look down on someone who believes so strongly in an issue (faith, sanctity of life, whatever it be) that they knowingly and willfully would deny themselves respect, acceptance and freedom to accomplish what they "know to be right."
Yeah, I really liked that scene, my favourite of the show so far. It was nice that there was finally a Republican (I don't count Will as one no matter how much Sorkin claims he is) on the show that wasn't just a stuffed shirt for Sorkin to rant against. Watching two equal but opposing forces face off against one another is much more mesmerising than watching a hurricane knock over a scarecrow.

Other than that, I liked the length Will went to to fuck with MacKenzie, it was a delightfully dickish thing to do.

CaptainCanada wrote:
Olivia Munn is turning out to be easily the best actress on this show, which I wasn't remotely expecting. Partly I suppose it's because Sloan is written as much less intolerable than Mackenzie and especially Maggie (rapidly climbing to the top of my list of the most annoying characters on TV), but Munn seems to have a better handle on Sorkin's dialogue too.
I have to admit, she seems to have the feel for Sorkin's style of dialogue better than the other actors, and the result is that she comes across as a better actor than most of the cast. Having seen her on The Daily Show in the past, I feared she was going to be the weak link, but Slone is now my second favourite character on the show after Charlie.

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My only beef with this episode would be that some of the plot lines felt exceedingly similar to what was done on West Wing - namely, the visit to the psychiatrist being almost spot on identical to Josh's PTSD visit experience.
Yeah, this episode seemed to draw quite a bit from TWW, including Will having an abusive father, just like Bartlet. I can't remember what sort of relationship Matt Albie had with his father, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was abusive too.
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