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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

All right Young and Kirk, you two had me going there for a minute...

Just caught up on #s9 - 12 last night; what great stuff! If only we could've had this as a REAL season the CW. I'm almost beginning to believe that the Douche, er, I mean the Blur, has really become the Man of Steel.

Loved the Gotham reference, and was indeed surprised to see where this seems to be heading, with an infamous mid-80s storyline. I'm in for the ride, now that I understand the rumors of Mrs. Queen's demise. My motto for SV has always been - No Chlo, no Pro!

The last bit with L & C was rather touching. I'm also beginning to believe their relationship seems real as well.

Good job, Bryan Q!

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