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My advice to anyone offended by a rape joke is to just lie back and enjoy it.

That's in exceptionally bad taste, given that there are probably people reading this thread who feel very strongly about the subject and some who have experienced sexual assault. It's one thing to make a joke to a wide audience and happen to have someone whom the joke touches personally. It's another thing to come into a controversial situation and say something intentionally offensive.
Exceptional? Really?

Here I thought I was mocking the sick statement some people have made about actual rape, by applying it to rape jokes as well.

I know from personal loss that suicide isn't funny, either. Would I still laugh at a suicide joke? Maybe. If someone wrote "Those who think suicide jokes aren't funny should kill themselves", I would not take them seriously.
Eh, I got exactly what you were going for and even got a chuckle out of the line.

If we stopped telling jokes or having portrayals of anything that offended someone we would be repressed prisoners. The correct response to people offended by rape jokes (Not just an individual rape joke but the very concept) is a shrug. These people are thought police, whatever their intentions may be.
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