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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Yes he does seem very pessimistic and a lot of what he says is confusing and downright contradictory to what i have found. Despite his claims that the website has little information and the forum is mostly negative i found the website to be very informative and helpful and the forum to be full of people positively discussing and eagerly anticitpating the convention with only a couple of people grouching.

A silver pass means you gets lotsa freebies and stuff right? I hope you enjoy the convention even though i can only attend the friday i plan to thoroughly enjoy myself as much as possible on that day

Also the unofficial group with 400 members is on FB under the title star trek london 2012 there is a second FB group with bout 100 members thats just for people going in costume to swap advice and feedback on each other gear.
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