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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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I was going to post on here to say that im attending on the friday is any one else here going but the only person who seems to post on here with any regularity appears to be a very cynical teddy bear :S
It pays to be cynical when you're dealing with this lot. Joiner has a proven habitual problem with telling the truth. He's just had another incomprehensible gibberish mental breakdown on his forum. I can just about make out that he's claiming to have sold 8500 tickets for this event. He makes no claim that these sales are to 8500 people. Remember that a few months ago, he was allegedly making false claims about how much money one of his competitors lost on an event. He has clear problems with figures and telling the truth.

There are still people who haven't received their 45 and other photoshoots from LFCC despite Shamasters saying over a week ago that all the photos have been sent out. Shamasters can't even organise something as simple as photoshoots.

I, and quite a few people, firmly believe that no one who has bought a silver/gold/platinum ticket will get anything like value for money. There's little prospect of much of what has been promised in the packages for these tickets coming to fruition. Anyone who asks questions is ignored or has their posts removed and their account banned.

And have you tried contacting Media 10 on the DSTL Twitter page lately? No posts for nearly 2 weeks. Looks like the feed has been blocked in some way. And there's been nothing from them of any substance on the official FB page for nearly a month.
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