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^We had a dog like that, but even more extreme! Our St Bernard, Daisy, was terrified of one of our cats, Minnie, when we fist got her. To make it even funnier, Minnie was a runt and weighed about 2 lbs!
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Yep. Not cancer, not dangerous. No risk of losing my life or even my boob! This makes up for the annoyance of any future procedures entirely!
Yeah, biopsies like that hurt like a son of a bitch! I had a weird cyst two years ago and had to go through something similar. Mammograms are nothing compared to that. Not that mammograms are fun, mind you, but it's really just a case of being briefly uncomfortable. As with most things, the anticipation of it is far worse than the event.
That's actually very comforting to hear. I have been very anxious about the mammogram, but am finding a lot of support here on the board, which is really nice as I tend not to discuss medical problems with friends and family IRL.
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Just curious, tsq...did your physician use a tunneling mammography machine on you? I don't know if that's the official, accurate name for the imaging system but at the time my mom passed away four years ago(thankfully it wasn't from breast or any other form of cancer) her breast care specialist was about to acquire a new model of mammography imager/machine called a "tunneling imager" or something along those lines. It was supposed to be more comfortable and easier for the woman and, I believe, require less time to acquire a clear and readable image.

Perhaps auntie might know something about these "tunneling" mammography machines as well. I was just curious. If you guys don't know or can't remember that's cool. My mom never got the opportunity to use one of them and I always wondered if they were indeed faster and more comfortable.
Actually havenít had the mammo yet, just the biopsy. Iíve heard that over the years theyíve gotten much better, though. I will just treat myself to something afterwards! Maybe chocolate. Or booze.

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TIL that TSQ doesn't have breast cancer, and it made me smile. I would do the happy dance, but I also learned today that the new meds the doctor has given me make me feel like crap, at least for the first few days, so dancing is out. Consider me dancing inwardly for you.

Sorry your boob hurts, sunshine, but well worth the discomfort for that news.
Itís a bit better today. Iím sorry your meds make you feel like crap!

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