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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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^^ We live in a risk-averse era.

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But not with Captain America.
I thought Namor, Cap and the original Human Torch were all teamed up in All-Winners Squad.
That was after the war in 1946. Though they did appear on various covers together they never became a team until then.
Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying that. I'm probably thinking of covers that I've seen. I've read comics from that era, but I can't remember if I ever read anything with them all in the same story.

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And if the masses can't handle a Ditko style Doctor Strange, put the show on HBO. The masses can stick with their CBS procedurals.
I don't think pay cable would be any more friendly to psychedelia or surrealism. All of their shows tend toward gritty realism (or at least what passes for it).
I don't really see where something something like that would be out of place on a group of networks that include things like True Blood, Game of Thrones, and Spartacus. True Blood and Game of Thrones did start out a little more realistic, but have got more fantastic as they've gone on.
I haven't been following Game of Thrones, but True Blood has gone a little trippy from time to time. Doc Strange would be orders of magnitude beyond that, though.

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The problem I had with them was that, even as a kid, it seemed to me that the filmmakers were embarrassed by the character's comic-book roots and seemed to determined to minimize the comic-booky elements as much as possible. Hence, no costume, no Red Skull, no Hordes of Hydra, etc. As I recall, they generally avoided calling "Steve" Captain America wherever possible, and only did so sheepishly at best. "Maybe you can be some sort of, er, 'Captain America' or something." That kind of thing.

Compared to the CAPTAIN AMERICA comics I reading at the time, it all seemed rather mundane and timid.
This is pretty much the problem I've always had with superheroes on TV or in movies-- they mainstream the magic out of them.

By contrast, the DR. STRANGE pilot, despite its limitations, embraced the wilder aspects of the original comics: you had astral travel, visits to strange Ditko-esque dimensions (as much as a limited tv-movie budget would allow), demons being summoned, ageless sorcerers throwing spells at each other, even a fairly accurate recreation of Strange's Sanctum. As opposed to all the other CBS productions of the time, which sometime seemed determined to cram larger-than-life comic book characters into "Barnaby Jones"-sized plots, DR. STRANGE at least tried to capture the feel of the comic book . . . .
Yeah. No offense to Barnaby Jones, but that describes it perfectly. I don't remember that Dr. Strange movie, though. I wonder if it is on DVD>
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