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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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If we can't have "safe" JJTrek tie-ins, why not have an "unsafe" TOS-alternate along similar lines?
Because those four shelved novels already threatened to be "unsafe".
Christopher has said the delay of those novels is nothing to do with continuity concerns.

Really, are you that short on ST stuff to read? My "to read" pile teeters all over the house. I'm at a point where, even if/when those four shelved novels are released, I won't get to them for years.
That's not the point. My want for a Treklit TOS splinter timeline isn't even to do with the cancellation of the new movie books, altho NOT having them released and thus not already having two TOS-eras on the Trek lit shedule (for full length novels, at least) presents a perfect oppertunity.

TNG, DS9 and VOY have all continued on beyond the series' endings, and taken the characters in new directions. They're open ended. TOS isn't. We know how it all ends, all there is is to fill in the gaps. And we're at the point where they're all packed solidly and we're getting the fourth or fifth "end of the 5YM story." Doing an ongoing TOS Myriad Universe can not only cash in on the current movies but give longtime lit fans something fresh and exciting with TOS characters.
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