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fighting animal unemployment

Found this one on a (usually) dead serious news site and thought I shouldn't deprive you of this little gem (I had to translate it on the fly, so it's propably not 100% perfect English)(if you find an error, you may keep it )

Moooh vs Baaaah

A lovely green lawn is every house owner's pride. However, it takes a lot of effort and it's proper care is all but inexpensive. Why not hire someone who has a natural knowledge about everything lawn-ish?
American realty blog Movoto found a solution: such a lot of unemployed goats, sheep, chicken, guinea pigs and cows would be happy to keep your lawn short for free - a win/win situation.

They set up an online-calculator which tells you how many cows, sheep, chicken etc. you need for the perfect lawn-manicure:

beware of your employees:

The advantages and disadvantages of the respective animals are listed as well: cows give milk but also a lot of gas. Guinea pigs are easy to transport but often get carried off and eaten by predators and they don't eat weeds. Goats (advantage: eat everything, disadvantage: eat everything), sheep (give milk and wool but have a boring personality) and chicken (lay eggs but dig holes) might not be suitable for every lawn-lover.

Where to hire them:

How do you get into contact with unemployed herbivores? Unfortunately, Movoto doesn't unveil this secret. Your local job center would propably be overextended by this question; retailers generally offer the gentle helpers only sliced and diced, and not as a - functionable - whole.
But perhaps you could ask your friendly next-door farmer which of his animals happen to have some spare time.
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