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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
If we can't have "safe" JJTrek tie-ins, why not have an "unsafe" TOS-alternate along similar lines?
Because those four shelved novels already threatened to be "unsafe". It's probably too early to start splintering off the new timeline. Look how long it took for "Myriad Universes" and "The Mirror Universe" to become recognisable, marketable, highly-anticipated tie-in entities. Decades!

And there are already "safe" JJ tie-ins: the "Starfleet Academy" tie-ins and the IDW Ongoing comic.

Really, are you that short on ST stuff to read? My "to read" pile teeters all over the house. I'm at a point where, even if/when those four shelved novels are released, I won't get to them for years.
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