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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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If they wait too long to release the books, couldn't that hurt the books somewhat?
No. I would assume the four authors would get a chance to revise/update before publication, just as "Engines of Destiny" was polished four years after originally being canned. Some of the books might require more work than others, depending on how well the four authors predicted the events in the sequels to the 2009 movie.

Similarly, the second instalment of "Vulcan's Soul" was delayed by about a year so the authors could graft the Remans of "Nemesis" into the unfolding trilogy. They hadn't anticipated the information when submitting their original proposal.

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the situation, but everything about how these novels were handled just seems sloppy.
Not really, Pocket proceeded in the belief that the four novels were going to be acceptable because the proposals had been accepted/approved (much like "Star Trek II Short Stories" and "Star Trek II Biographies" attempted to anticipate the events of ST III, but ended up getting lots of details incorrect). No more "sloppy" than the ST Office having second thoughts about "Probe" being a direct sequel to ST IV, even though the author's proposal had already been approved and dustjackets printed.

It was probably realised that keeping four full novels on track - without giving away the plot of the next film - was too tricky, especially when Bad Robot was busy working on the new movie. IDW's comics are keeping to approved/suggested "safe", tight storylines, co-plotted by the writers of the new movie. The three "Starfleet Academy" teen novels are prequels to the first film.

Especially now that we have a comic series telling new stories and a video game coming.
Exactly. These are more containable, without as much opportunity to clash with unfolding live-action movie events.
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