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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...


I enjoyed this one. Despite being very little suspense and mystery about the story the very down-to-earth alien abduction storyline would've felt right at home a few years later under Jon Pertwee. The removal of Ben and Polly so early in the story was a little weird, bringing them back for one scene in the final story made for a very frustrating finale, as they'd already been gone for three weeks beforehand!

I think this story would've worked better as a four-parter, as it just doesn't hold it's length. The fact that the originals are simply hidden in a carpark at the airport and not somewhere more secure (like maybe not even at the airport) would've been more realistic.

Got some time to kill so gonna go back and try and listen to the entire The Evil of the Daleks again in it's entirety, and not try to skip two episodes this time.
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