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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Well, on its own terms, the Hulk TV show was done well. Kenneth Johnson knew what kind of Hulk show he wanted to make (one without the Bi-Beast or Thunderbolt Ross) and executed it well.
And that's just the point -- so many fans assume that quality equals fidelity to the source, but it doesn't. Johnson's TIH is proof that there's no correlation between the two, that you can diverge almost completely from the source and still do something good. Yet it's surprising that despite the popularity of TIH, the attitude that fidelity is necessary persists.
It's hard not to have that attitude, I find myself guilty of that often and yet I loved Spider-Man, Hulk and Wonder Woman as a kid on their own terms without the baggage of knowing more about their background. And I didn't see Adam West until I was an adult but Superfriends and Scooby Doo Batman is as genuine a characterization to me as The Dark Knight.

It's kind of funny the imperfect FX made the Hammond Spider-Man kind of creepy to me especially as a kid. His movements and his web-crawling had an unsettling unnatuaralness to them. He definitely seemed more insectlike.
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