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Re: Is the Federation a True Democracy? And How Did It Reach That Poin

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Thank you for mentioning BSG!! Not enough Trek fans are aware of this show, and it's nice to know that some of us can follow both Captain Kirk and Cmdr. Adama at the same time!
However, I would point out that in the Battlestar universe, every Battlestar but Galactica had modern computerized systems. Only Adama's stubbornness kept Galactica being modernized too (and consequently hacked and destroyed by the Cylons.) As far as I know, the Enterprise was never hacked in TOS. The computers may have been shut down, but never hacked.
Anyways, thank you for mentioning Galactica! (And I'm still going through it, so don't tell me how it ends!)
In TOS the Enterprise was more likely to be hijacked than hacked. Though IIRC correctly, it could be said Norman hacked into the E's system when he hijacked it.
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