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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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The origin from the '89 film, which I still love as a Batman film over the Nolan films, should be the way they go next time. Batman is just such a backseat secondary character in his own films with Nolan that I'll be glad to get back to having Batman as the star of a Batman film.
I don't know how you could argue that. The Burton films were totally about the villains. Nolan's first movie was so revolutionary because Bruce was actually the centre of the movie; the later two had larger casts, but were still far more about Bruce than any of the previous Batman movies.
I don't dispute that Batman and Batman Returns gave equal, maybe more for Returns cause of 2 foes, screen time to the villains but we got a lot more BATMAN.
I'm talking about wanting more Batman, you're talking about Bruce. Who as characters do different things even if they are two side of the same coin.

I like that Nolan gave us big screen versions of characters from the rouges gallery never before seen such as Mr.Zsasz, Falcone, Ra's and Talia not to mention Scarecrow. If Ledgers Joker was in the '89 film it would hands down unbeatable imo. So kudos to what Nolan did with the villains. Which is why I'd love to have seen a further fleshing out of the crime noir by seeing Black Mask or Killer Croc worked into the narrative. Both are due a turn on the big screen at some point in some variation.

I just hope their, Warners, reboot makes more sense than the Sony one for Spider-man. It'll have to.

I disagree about Ledger's Joker in '89's "Batman." IMHO that wouldn't have worked at all. Totally different tones-Nicholson's Joker works much better for that one.

The Burton films have a comic book-y feel to them, whereas Nolan consciously tried to move away from that a bit.
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