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^This is the one rare case where I think our (the American) system of measurement is better. That 18 point difference in the scale factor seems huge to me when it comes to measuring blood sugar! I mean, just a 15 point difference on the American scale is a big deal, eg the difference between 55 and 70.

Anyway, today I learned that I absolutely do not have breast cancer! Yay! Though my boob hurts like a bitch, and I still might have to have surgery on it. They did a nasty biopsy today (for which they can't use anesthesia) which basically involved shoving a needle into the most sensitive part of my breast and wriggling it around and suctioning out cells. It's really sore.
They don't actually know what it is, and think it might be a rare kind of tumor that's associated specifically with type 1 diabetes, but they know it's not cancer! I get to have a mammogram and another biopsy, and then wil find out about surgery.

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