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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

I watched 3 more episodes last night so some thoughts on those:

-The Last Outpost really does bring out the worst in TNG sometimes. I remember when I first came to these boards (More than 10 years ago), one common complaint was the Enterprise Crew talking down to the aliens they meet saying they are not civilized. That's pretty much what happens here. I'm glad they calmed that down in the later seasons, but what right does Riker have to judge the Ferangi.

-Where No One looks stunning in HD. Loved what they did with that episode.

-This isn't one of the discs being replaced but did anyone notice an Echo when Picard revealed himself to be the alien? It was in the ready room with Crusher near the end of the episode. Also, maybe I just didn't notice this on the DVDs but it looked like when the Enterprise goes to Warp back to the cloud, we don't get the entire warping effect (That diamond special effect mostly) and the screen actually cuts to black for a brief moment. Again, not major issues, and those are stuff I can live with, but it seemed a little weird.

I honestly can't wait till the "new uniform" seasons are on Blu Ray. I guess having just seen Season 1 (And even Shades of Gray like 2 months ago, I find myself wanting to pop in a DVD from Season 5 (Or last night after Where No One, see Remember Me). Still, this has been a great purchase and looking forward to the fixed discs.
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