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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Really, it was par for the course back then. The Incredible Hulk had no Betty, no Rick, no Thunderbolt, no "Hulk smash," no supervillains -- it didn't even keep Bruce Banner's first name. Kenneth Johnson didn't even want the Hulk to be green, but Marvel put their collective foot down (because there was no way Marvel was going to stand for a red Hulk!). And it's still going on today -- the upcoming (Green) Arrow series is avoiding as much of the comic-booky stuff as possible..
I know and, honestly, I used to bitch about it back then. Heck, even as a youngster, it bothered me that George Reeves's Superman was mostly fighting gangsters and such. Where was Bizarro and Brainiac and the Bottle City of Kandor? And the rest of that cool scifi stuff from the comics?

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Reeves and THE INCREDIBLE HULK tv show, but I always wished they weren't so mundane in comparison to the original comics, which were my first exposure to the characters.

Call me crazy, but watching Bill Bixby help some teenage runaway was not nearly as fun as reading the Hulk's latest battle with the Wendigo or the Leader's army of rubber androids!
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