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Re: Blurbs for the 2013 TOS novels

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If the novels can't tell actual nuTrek stories, I think they should start their own ongoing TOS Myriad Universe. A parallel to the parallel, so to speak.
That completely defeats the purpose of setting aside the four novels. When people buy tie-ins, they do expect that they will be derived from the parent material.

Be patient. Pocket Books paid good money to four authors to write these novels. They will want to eventually recoup those losses. Once Bad Robot has managed to establish their movie continuity in the way they want it to be, unhampered by too much clashing peripheral material (there have already been complaints about a few minor details in "Countdown" that were at odds with the first movie), I'm sure that Pocket will be able to get an all clear to reinvestigate/modify the four shelved novel tie-ins and release them.

Drafts of "Engines of Destiny" sat in a box of donated author materials in a public library until it was reawakened as a viable novel almost four years later. Dustjackets for "Probe" sat in warehouse for over twelve months before that novel was overhauled/rewritten. A few other ST novels took over a year longer than originally announced: "Dyson Sphere" and "The Left Hand of Destiny" duology, not to mention plans for the continuation of the "Rihannsu" saga.

Eventually, there won't be a reason to keep four perfectly good novels on the shelf.
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