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Re: Your favourite Batman...

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The symbolic interpretations of Batman whose "supreme force of will" awes people with superpowers are the ones I can't see. Other, less grandiose (as in megalomanical delusions) readings seem far more appropriate. My comments were aimed directly at Anders', not elsewhere.
I understand - that's why I wanted to point out I had somewhat misrepresented his opinion because I jumped to his comparison of Burton's Batman and the recent Batman of the comics.

But since it comes up, I don't think Moby Dick permits much reading other than a symbolic one.
Seriously? I thought Moby Dick was a fantastic adventure/ melodrama and Meville wrote it because his last few books had tanked, so he was trying to get back to the kind of adventure tale that had established his reputation. I know some people didn't like having to read it in Lit class but I don't think that goes much to whether or not you can read it beyond the symbolic.
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