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Re: TP: Raise the Dawn by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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TBH I don't think anyone has really answered my question about Spock and a possible mind probe too satisfactorily.As the ultimate pragmatist(and a truly moral being),an experienced officer and diplomat(the UFP's foremost expert on Romulans)I think Spock would have few enough reservations in interrogating Tomaleks mind at all.
That's a perfectly valid interpretation -- as I've said before, I think a strong argument can be made that Spock has a bit of a ruthless streak to him -- but it's obviously quite subjective. Others have answered why they don't agree with that interpretation of Spock's character.

And as I pointed out earlier, the fact that no other telepathic Federates were called upon to probe Tomalak's mind after he was arrested strongly implies that the Federation has a legal prohibition against this.

Another question this time regarding the previously mentioned Glinn Dygan and the Cardassian officer on DS9,seeing as they are referred to by Cardassian ranks,what uniform do they wear?I can't remember if this detail is mentioned anywhere.
Well, they're officers in the Cardassian Guard, aren't they? So they're serving through an officer exchange program -- meaning they're not officers in the Federation Starfleet. So I would think they wear the uniform of the Cardassian Guard while serving aboard the Enterprise and Deep Space 9.
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