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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I'm not so keen on several early second-season outings either, but I get the distinct impression I'm something of a rarity in that regard.

I think there's only one episode in all of season 2 that I don't like!

Londo and G'Kar... a lot of fans claim those two won them over straight out of the gate, but I'm not their biggest fan near the beginning of the series. G'Kar's kind of a really goofy antagonist-thing for at least a couple of episodes, isn't he? In retrospect it surely works, but I don't care for how he's handled in that regard "in the moment" with those first few outings.

Londo fares a bit better for me, but not by much.

Hot damn though, they get great rather quickly.
Ultimately, they're probably two of the greatest characters in the series, but I doubt anyone could call that right out of the gate. A large part of what makes them such great characters is the journey that each of them goes on: where they start, where they go, and where they finish.

I think at the beginning, I felt pity for one of them, and revulsion for the other!
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