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Then there's the b-plot where Kira gives birth. I suppose this is a necessary evil of sorts, Kira has to give birth to end that story-arc, and it would be a cop-out to not do it on-screen, but the whole thing is a little goofy and gets in the way of the much more interesting a-plot. Once again, it has a nice bittersweet ending, and it's a pity that the show didn't explore the loss Kira feels as a surrogate mother in later episodes, but it gives us a nice moment where Odo and Kira get to reflect on their experiences of losing a child that wasn't really theirs.
I give this plot more credit than you. We got to see an interesting alternate take on childbirth than what is typical in mainstream America. We got to see Keiko react with aplomb to the situation while Miles fidgets again, we get to see an interesting dynamic between Miles and Shakaar (whom I really disliked in this episode; really, what business does he have being there?), and it parallels nicely with the Odo plot. It's also nice to see Bajoran tradition(-al medicine?) working harmoniously with modern Federation medicine.
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