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The U.S.S. Thunderbird is a Griffin-Class ship, assigned to the Third Cutter Squadron to replace one of her sister ships lost in the Talarian Incursion.

After the Dominion War, the Thunderbird became part of Vice Admiral Bouvier's (the Border Service Commander back on Earth) plan to integrate the Service into the regular Fleet, a plan that has worried many experienced Border Dogs. Due to the nature of their work, the cutters that make up the Border Service have to operate a little differently to their Starfleet cousins.

The Senior Staff are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Aalimah Kalil (Human)
Transferred to the Border Service after the Dominion War, as part of a move to bring it under the regular Fleet, she is an officer who likes the rulebook. Some onboard were unsure about her lack of experience in the Service; though she is a little stiffer than other cutter CO’s, she has adapted—as has her crew. In the minority of humans who still follow religious beliefs, she is proud of her Muslim heritage—as evident by her wearing a hijab.
First Officer - Commander Gtrakdahr (Ktarian)
Having served onboard the Thunderbird since he graduated from the Academy, he knows the ship well. He butted heads with Captain Kalil at first over time they have come to a better understanding of each other, though they still don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. His main priority is to the crew and ensuring they handle the changes happening onboard.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lt. Commander Hafeez Das (Human)
Formerly the Tactical Officer onboard the U.S.S. T’Vor (one of the cutters lost during the Incursion), he was posted to the Thunderbird when it was attached to the Third Squadron. His name means ‘protector’ which is just how he sees himself, and though more than qualified to move into Command, he has chosen to stay at Tactical.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lt. Commander Jacqueline Tang (Human)
Better known as ‘Jackie’, she is as far removed from Captain Kalil as possible. Very much old school Border Service, she is used to doing things very differently. Displaced through time onboard the Soyuz-Class cutter U.S.S. Bozeman, she was the Assistant Chief Engineer. She has got her career back on track and adjusted to life in the twenty-fourth century, more or less.
Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Jort bin Tahgor (Tellarite)
From one of the colonies along the Cardassian border. He grew up admiring the Border Service crews that stopped by the colony and entered Starfleet to keep others safe. After the DMZ was formed, his twin sister became involved with the Maquis and tried to convince him to join them, but he wouldn’t. The two haven’t spoken since, he doesn’t even know if she survived the massacre of the Maquis.
Chief Medical Officer - Lieutenant Mercer Rouleau (Human)
Born and raised in Paris, he grew up surrounded by art, culture and cuisine. His parents expected him to become an artist, so he surprised them when he announced his desire to join Starfleet. He had wanted a career in research, but personnel shortages across the fleet saw him assigned to the Thunderbird.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Ensign Tolan Mazor (Elaysian)
Only the third Elaysian to enter Starfleet, he is the first to venture out of the sciences. Determined to prove that his people can be a part of Starfleet at every level, he asked for assignment to the Border Service. Stubborn and independent, he doesn’t like being looked upon as helpless.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Inta Thyez (Bolian)
She is a woman who accepts the name ‘Border Dog’ with pride. Tough and dogged, she doesn’t let anything stop her—even losing an arm in the Dominion War didn’t slow her down. Her career has a long list of impressive accomplishments listed and not a single reprimand. But ever since Captain Kalil took command, she has been very standoffish with her new CO, not liking the new direction the Border Service is heading.
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