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Ok, so I may already have microheroes of the Silverfin crew up already, but I've made one or two little tweaks (plus a new hairdo for Harriet), but I'm also including character blurbs as well.

The U.S.S. Silverfin is the main focus of my fanfic writing, with a few stories already written and available to read (if anyone fancies giving them a go then please get it touch and I can provide links), and many more in the pipelines.

The second Albacore-Class cutter assigned to the Third Squadron, it has taken on many dangerous assignments and has a very high success rating. With a dedicated crew, made up of experienced and rookie officers, non-coms and crewmen, each with their own talents and skillset, they throw themselves into whatever mission they are assigned or situation they find themselves facing.

The Main Characters in Star Trek Silverfin are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Susanna Leijten (Human)
She is one of a minority of officers who has managed to cross easily between the regular Fleet and the Border Service throughout her career. Dedicated to her crew, she pushes herself hard to ensure that they succeed and that she gets them all home at the end of each assignment. She once had an intense relationship with Senior Chief Mitchell, and after he was posted to Star Station Freedom they have begun seeing each other again.
First Officer - Commander Amorin (Benzenite)
Promoted to XO in the final months of the Dominion War, he was previously the Chief Engineer and had no interest in Command. Over time he has grown into his new role and formed a solid team with Captain Leijten. He needs a specialist breather mask and goggles to survive in an M-Class atmosphere.
Second/Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Kolanis Daezan (Betazoid)
A charming and intelligent man, he is well-liked by all onboard for his hard-working ethic and easy nature. Recently afflicted by a strange mental attack, he spent months on Betazed in a coma before being revived. The incident has given him pause to go back and look at things he took for granted or never realised in the past.
Chief Medical Officer - Lt. Commander Tunde Mbeki (Human)
A man who lives to help others, he is not only a skilled physician, surgeon and biomedical researcher, but also a fully certified Ship’s Counsellor. In time everyone seeks out his advice and opinion on something, including Captain Leijten. He loves to learn, which he pursues by undertaking distance learning courses offered by Starfleet Academy.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant Harriet Llewellyn-Smyth (Human)
Stunningly beautiful, with flawless alabaster skin and a flawless Cambridge accent, many often underestimate her—but that is a mistake they will only make once. Few can beat her resolve or strength, and her flying abilities are second to none. She also harbours deep feelings for a shipmate, though she hasn’t told him how she feels.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Elak ko’Parr th’Shaan (Andorian)
Relaxed and easy-going, he takes everything in his stride. Formerly Commander Amorin’s assistant, he took to his new promotion with ease and has moulded his crew into a tightly-knit group he is proud to call his. All of this was pushed beyond his limits when Ensign Feeznar was assigned to the ship, but that tension has eased, after the Ensign saved the ship.
Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Innis Kalm (Bajoran)
An Academy friend of Lieutenant Llewellyn-Smyth’s, he was assigned on a temporary basis when Lt. Commander Daezan was taken to Betazed; he quickly slotted into place onboard and was welcomed by almost everyone. With a quick-wit and a sharp mind, he proved to be a valuable asset. Now officially transferred, he wants to get further settled.
Nurse/Medical Student - Lieutenant JG Tessi Jenka (Rigellian 3b)
From a prestigious family on Beta Rigel 3b, she hated the arrogance and bigotry of her parents. After an impressive career in nursing she wanted to become a doctor, but her plans were delayed when she was needed to act up as CMO on the Silverfin. Onboard, she showed herself to be a gifted healer who wasn’t afraid to fight her corner, so when Doctor Mbeki returned he asked her to remain and he would supervise her training.
Chief Tactical Officer - Ensign Jose Tyler V (Human)
From a long-line of Starfleet officers, all of whom gave their lives for the Federation, he has a lot to live up too. After graduating first in his class and then attending Advanced Tactical Training, he asked for assignment to the Border Service. A serious and very focused young man, he may be smart but lacks experience.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Syva (Vulcan)
As with many Vulcans, she is older than she looks. Before she signed up for Starfleet, she served as an elite office with Vulcan Security. A master of many forms of martial arts and a shrewd investigator, there is little that gets by her. Logical and thorough, she may not express her emotions, but over the years she has come to understand the strength they can give others.
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